8 Simple Tips for Successful Fundraising (ePub)

8 Simple Tips for Successful Fundraising (ePub)

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One Person = One Goal = > One Charity, BIG Difference. When you made your decision to help the charities by raising fund for them so they can use this money to fulfill their goals and keep it going as long as they can, YOU really made a BIG Difference for this planet, because at least if everyone thinks like you and we calculate only from the small percentage of the population on this planet, that is the BIG NUMBER of supporters. However, in reality, as we can see that surroundings us there are still many creatures that have unfortunate lives and we do not have enough support and only few charities that still can manage its work by getting the support from donors. Therefore, I think that it is important, if you yourself are in the position that can help, please help according to your ability.

Giving is one of the most important qualities that we can do to each other according to Buddhism and other religions as well. But remember that you should not hurt yourself, such as if you do not have enough money to pay for your rent this month, you can postpone your support for the charity onto next month or whenever that you have the money available. Remember, giving is good, but if you’re going to suffer yourself and family because of giving, then don’t do it, because instead of feeling good, it will be feeling guilty instead.

Willing to support the charities that you like, it should come out from the bottom of your heart and do it within your ability and affordable way, this is if you are as an individual and feel like you want to raise fund for charities like I did. However, if you are doing it as small or big groups there are more powerful in terms of time, energy, and effort that you can make it happen quickly. As we all know that there are hundreds of ways in raising money for charity but you do not have to waste your time to find which one that your group will be using because I had chosen the BEST 8 tips that work out well, which of course, according to my opinion. Following these 8 tips that I had suggested in this e-book, you will find so many powerful tips that you or your group can use it successfully. Keep in mind that you also have to consider on your charity’s goals and budgets as well, because some tips require more money to invest than others. Make sure that you choose the right one that will suit with your group.

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