7 Simple Tips to Avoid Having A Bad Holiday in Thailand (ePub)

7 Simple Tips to Avoid Having A Bad Holiday in Thailand (ePub)

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The first time when I decided to write “7 Simple Tips to Avoid Having A Bad Holiday in Thailand” I was thinking about it a lot because I want it to be different than the typical traveling guide book which most of the time the contents would be focus on the positive thing. Of course that no one will say the bad thing about their countries because they want to promote their tourism and want the tourists to visit, so it can generate the national income.

However, what I think is different from this perspective; I think that if you can tell something to people that actually help them to avoid having a bad time in Thailand, that’s actually awesome, and of course it based on my experience and also happened to my foreign friends, therefore, what you learned from this e-book, it is the real thing NOT fantasy. I love Thailand, Thai food, Thai culture, same like other Thais but we also have something that we also don’t like, especially there are few issues that going on in my country, I’m sure that the information I’ve shared with you should be helpful.

I just want Thailand in foreigners’ minds to be better than the bad reputation that Thailand got famous for, such as sex tourism or cheap women. I want the visitors and those who stay here to fall in love with Thailand in its own true beauty NOT with the BAD IMAGES, but I also want them to be aware on the dark side as well.

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