5 Simple Tips for Successful Self Study (ePub)

5 Simple Tips for Successful Self Study (ePub)

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“Self Study” is actually one of the most powerful things that I think it will be very useful experience if one can do it in his/her lifetime. Learning is always on going, those who stop learning are actually the dead people; at least it is only my opinion. You can learn everything that you want to know or have interest of. I believe everything that surrounded us, it can be our teachers, either: environment, animals, plants, people, music, arts, or even energy. The more curiosity you have, the more you would like to learn more, and the more you will become more knowledgeable. Don’t be too shy to learn even though if you are old, in fact, by keeping learning, it will help you actually to become younger both for physically and mentally. There is ONLY one thing that will stop you from learning; that is “YOU” yourself. Therefore, you should give yourself a chance to do for self study and I’m sure that you will be proud of yourself once you achieve your goal.

In order to be successful in “Self Study”, it is not hard as what you think but it is NOT also easy like what you think either. However, don’t be afraid of what I just said earlier, because I want you to consider yourself as “Lucky person” that you have own this e-book, which I had revealed my secret tips that I’ve been used for my own self study. As you finished reading all chapters, you may find out that actually all these five steps, they are interlinked to each other, you can’t lack any of them. In fact they are kind of mixing within each other without you even notice it.

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